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Curated Shows: God's, Spirits and Ancestors



The Embracing of Life and the Unexpected André Martínez Reed October 14 - December 31, 2004

André Martíinez Reed, a seasoned musician and prolific painter, is quickly becoming a highly regarded artist in the Brooklyn art community and has received a favorable response from local press for his expressionist, spiritual portraiture style.

Martinez is an expressionist painter who journeys into the spiritual world. His paintings embrace the spirit of the subject, whether it be in human, ancestral or a God like form, stroke by stroke he labors for the story beneath or inside the visually perceptive image, enhanced with dynamic shapes, bold strokes and vivid colors. The painting will speak to you, if you are a seeker.

Martinez describes himself as “one who dances with destiny and the rhythms of life and embraces the cultures found in all people.” His paintings are reflections of his life, half of a century lived.

The Henry Gregg gallery is housed in a building with 16 varied galleries. Martinez will run his show from November 12 thru December 31 and will feature other artist throughout next year.

The Brooklyn Borough president, Marty Markowitz honored him with a Proclamation for the opening of the Henry Gregg Gallery and his one man Show titled “Gods, Spirits and Ancestors.”

Martinez paints with intensity and vigor, the process of painting and the spirits he paints are just as important as the completed project. “I will always strive to get a story out of my paintings. I want to take my viewer on a journey like the one I took to create it. If the spirit is captured right, it is to be cherished because it is evidence of ones work and accomplishments. The painting will live on.”







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