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Curated Shows: Pure Paint One

Pure Paint One
Nola Zirin
Serena Bocchino
Michael Brennan
Sara Conca
Julian Jackson
Melissa Meyer
Eleanor Schimmel
May 14 - June 18, 2005

Henry Gregg Gallery is pleased to present “PURE PAINT,” an exhibition of seven master artists who share a visceral and dynamic expression through paint. Through a variety of techniques and processes, these painters have developed a visual vocabulary that captures international audiences.

Notably a colorist, Nola Zirin gives newness to the term urban abstraction. Her multi-layered canvases create sensuous environments that will demand the experienced art looker’s attention. Michael Brennan’s sensitive reductive paintings are “between gestural abstraction and minimalism. They are visual pleasures shifting optical intensities and spatial involutions.”

Known as a colorist, Serena Bocchino’s lyrical abstractions evoke visual jazz harmonies. Her hip sensitivity to contemporary pop chromatic schemes provokes passion and energy.

Both a painter and a sculptor, Sara Conca’s work is charged with abstractions from her soul. Her paintings are an extravaganza of color from which a new dimension of abstraction emerges.

Julian Jackson’s translucent paintings capture the essence of light and movement, and create tensions of the physical sense of the engaged consciousness.

Melissa Meyer’s exciting sense of movement and life is present throughout her colorful paintings, which respond to music and literature and convey an electrically charged aura.

The luscious encaustic paintings of Eleanor Schimmel are gorgeously dense. Schimmel shows the truly physical being ethereal while the two-dimensional becomes more solidly real


Serena Bocchino


Serena Bocchino


Julian Jackson


Melissa Meyer


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