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Curated Shows: Native Spirit ART WITHOUT SURRENDER


Native Spirit

featuring Paintings of Anne Foudral, Atara-Baker, André Martínez Reed

July 8 - August 8

“Time evolves and comes to a place and time where it renews itself again. First there is a purification time, and then there is renewal time. We are getting very close to this time.” – Floyd Red Crow Westerman

The trio of artists and one photographer are presented in NATIVE SPIRIT: ART WITHOUT SURRENDER includes ANNE FOUDRAL, a French painter now living on Lake Geneva, whose work shape-shifted forever following time spent in Africa during which the continuity, shape and symbol of the African woman became central to her work. Her oversize canvases feature communities of silhouetted interdependent figures, sharply lit in elemental color schemes.

The mixed media artist, painter and found object sculptor ATARA-BAKER also had her art transformed during a decade spent in Africa, specifically Johannesburg, South Africa, beginning in 1971, with the battle against apartheid in full swing. Born in Israel and now living in the U.S., ATARA-BAKER’s preference for encrusted earth-colors arises from her search for the primeval in herself, her “scratching at the surface” to spark a connection between the experience of a contemporary artist and that of the ancient, anonymous, ritual artists.



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