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Curated Shows: Art of Revelation Intuitive Works by Nad Wolinska and Philip Rubinov Jacobson


Art of Revelation Intuitive Works by Nad Wolinska and Philip Rubinov Jacobson
May 5 - 31, 2006 Artist reception: May 6, 2006, 6-9 PM

As art is the language of the soul, it allows for a broad expression of inspired states where words can often fail us.

In this, Nad Wolinksa and Philip Rubinov Jacobson are ‘creative siblings’ that explore the perrenial questions of life through their art. They are creatuitive. They combine creativity and intuition, two integrating forces in their integral painting practice that is an essential part of their spiritual path.

Instinct is the ground floor of intuition. Intuition is the ground floor of inspiration. Inspiration is the ground floor of revelation. Revelation is nearness to God.

In these two creative workers, there is the common experience of acquiring a sense of absolute reality, or an intrinsic rightness in which the loss of an ‘I-me-mine’ perspective suddenly imbued their view and something extraordinary unveiled itself.

They are, in a sense, artistic mystics that live the eternal questions: Who am I? What is life? What is art? What is reality? Where are we going?

They aspire to move from a limited view in which only their persona exists and matters, that is; from the egocentric to a community -centric view; from that to a world-centric awareness and finally to an all-inclusive experience of the One Spirit peering out through the eyes of the many.

Inspiration showers upon the nature of these two artists, that which is more measureless than their thoughts and often more vast than their comprehension.

Because of this, they find that artistically exploring the questions and looking for answers will also generate new questions. But as new questions replace old answers they begin to leave behind the many shattered forms that clouded the vision of the soul and a new clarity arises. We can trace their footsteps on the path through their paintings.

Both Wolinska and Rubinov Jacobson believe consciousness can be more fully realized, puzzles can be solved and mysteries can, at the least, be explored, domesticated and somewhat tamed through the art of painting from intuitive states of awareness that lead to revelation.

These artists touch upon these lights of truth and bring down subsets of revelatory experience; a shadowy reflection and esthetic glimpse into the divine. In art, they both agree that we grasp Spirit in its “immediacy” through progressive states of consciousness.

Revelation in art is the quickened and magnified expansion of experience and the virtual fusion of spirit and matter. To this end, the human contribution of art is also the quickened work of the nature in both man and woman.








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